15 ice cream curiosities

15 ice cream curiosities

Noticia Detalle

Ice creams, especially artisan ice creams, are our favourite dessert par excellence and they hide some very interesting curiosities. Today we want to dedicate the blog post to the main product of our business and tell you some curiosities about them.

Here are the most interesting facts about ice cream:


  1. The most expensive ice cream in the world costs no more and no less than 25 thousand dollars. It can be bought in New York City and is made of 28 different chocolates and 5 grams of edible 23-carat gold. Both the cup and the spoon are decorated with gold and white diamonds.
  2. Although today it is said that the origin of ice cream was in France and Italy, this is far from the truth, as the origin of ice cream dates back thousands of years to China.
  3. The most popular flavours worldwide are the classics: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
  4. The cone, also known as a cone, was discovered by chance in 1904 at the St. Louis fair in the United States. A baker noticed that the ice-cream vendor had run out of ice-cream dishes and offered him Persian waffles for it.
  5. Most of the vanilla used to make ice cream comes from Madagascar.
  6. According to statistics, vanilla ice cream is the most photogenic. Hashtags that talk about vanilla ice cream in one way or another have been used more than 500,000 times.
  7. Before milk-based ice creams were introduced, they were made with crushed ice.
  8. The introduction of ice cream in Europe dates back to the 13th century, thanks to Marco Polo when he returned to Italy from his long voyage to China.
  9. In Japan you will find some of the strangest ice cream flavours. There is a wide variety of flavours and some of them are really strange, such as avocado, garlic, chilli, eel, cow's tongue and everything else you can imagine.
  10. Ice cream tastes much sweeter when it is hot than when it is cold.
  11. Ice cream is a natural and very rich source of happiness. It is high in tryptophan, an amino acid that makes us happy. Taste has nothing to do with it, no way!
  12. According to NASA it is one of the things they miss the most, along with pizza and fizzy drinks.
  13. New Zealand is the country that consumes the most ice cream per capita.
  14. The month with the highest ice cream production is June
  15. Dentists often recommend eating ice cream because of the anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive properties of the cold, which reduce inflammation and bleeding.

As you can see, as well as being delicious, ice cream has a long history. If you are also an ice cream lover and would like to open an ice cream parlour, contact us so that we can help you. We want to be your partner.

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