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As indicated in our previous post Artisan Ice Cream, new techniques. The Pasto-freezing process is a new technique to make artisan ice cream.

Starting with the same ingredients, dosed with the same precision as traditional methods, pasto-freezing allows to shorten or completely eliminate part of the traditional elaboration process.

The pasto-freezing machine is not a traditional pasteurizer or batch freezer, but a new system to elaborate all the mixture.

All the ingredients (milk, sugar, stabilizers, fruit, semi-processed ingredients, etc ...) are introduced into the upper cylinder of the machine, where they will be subjected to the desired heating thermal treatment: 65ºC, 75ºC, 85ºC.  At this temperature all the ingredients are perfectly dissolved, with a remarkable kinetic energy of all the ingredients, making the structure of the ice cream mixture as fine and homogeneous as possible.

The heating of the mixture is carried out in a short period of time, approximately between 8 and 10 minutes, which guarantees the best possible biological conditions. After this time, the mixture is passed through a tap to the lower cooling cylinder or butter. This process is carried out without ever coming into contact with the mixture, thereby avoiding the dreaded possibility of external contamination. In the lower cylinder begins the process of churning, which is also done quickly. In this phase all the possible structure modifications are made to obtain artisan ice cream.

If the mixture is well balanced, the ice cream obtained has perfect body and is ready for consumption, avoiding the period of rest or maturation that is essential with other methods of work.

The ice cream mixture goes from a temperature of 85ºC to a temperature in the cylinder of -26ºC, this means that there is a thermal jump of 111ºC, this jump produces what is mentioned as "Thermal Shock Pasteurization", ensuring in a way more effective the process of the destruction of pathogenic organisms.

Thanks to the Thermal Shock the ice crystals that come to form are very fine, because the period of time in which the temperature change has taken place is very short. Also due to this, the bacteriological load will be reduced to the maximum, because the bacteria have not had biological adaptation time and die.  The freezing and preservation processes of this method are the same as in traditional methods.

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