CREPES FOR ALL TASTES... Sweet Crepes, Savoury Crepes and Amercian Pancakes!

CREPES FOR ALL TASTES... Sweet Crepes, Savoury Crepes and Amercian Pancakes!

Noticia Detalle

There are crepes for those with a sweet tooth and for those who choose to fill them with savoury ingredients. In today's post we want to give you some ideas of sweet and savoury crepes with a combination of ingredients. Surprise your customers with some new and tasty ideas!

It was in the region of Brittany that Crepes originated from, and over the years, their consumption has spreaded throughout the rest of the country, as well as to other countries.  Crepes nowadays are highly consumed practically throughout the world.  Crepes have not always looked like they are today. There are those who compare the Crepes that were made in the past with the gray rocks of Brittany, since they were much darker due to the grayish color of the flour obtained from the Breton black wheat.

Crêpes in France are not only a dessert, but they are almost an institution. The word crêpe comes from the Latin ¨crispus¨ (meaning curly, wavy) and is usually associated with all kinds of traditions, games and popular superstitions.

The most common way to differentiate them, is into two main categories, sweet crepes and savoury crepes, depending on whether their filling is sweet or savory, although there are several recipes with both. 

Sweet Crepes:

Crepes are very versatile and admit many fillings and toppings. If you prefer sweet crepes, the possibilities are endless. You can accompany them with chocolate, Nutella, fruits, nuts, dulce de leche, cream, ice cream, custard.

The simplest or most classic way and of course ideal for those who do not want any fillings, is with a touch of sprinkled sugar and a little lemon juice. The most famous Crêpe is the Crepe Suzette made with mandarin juice, flamed orange liqueur and grated lemon peel.

Savoury Crepes:

Crepes can also be savoury, and although usually served as dessert, depending on the filling can become a main course. Savoury crepes are ideal for lunch or dinner and the recipes are unlimited. If you want to prepare savoury crepes, just remove the sugar from the ingredients when preparing them. You can fill them with vegetables, chicken and béchamel sauce, mushrooms, prawns, salmon and cream cheese, curry sauce, pizza filling or even with egg.

You can also add lettuce to give them a crunchier touch. For a vegetarian option you could use vegetables fillings, for example, spinach and cheese, which is usually one of the favorite options for those who do not want to eat meat or fish. Finally, there is the ham and cheese crepe. Undoubtedly it is the simplest, savoury crepe that never fails and is never lacking on a Crepe stand

Amercian Pancakes: 

The Pancake or otherwise known as the American Pancake is another type of Crepe, made with yeast and of smaller diameter (10 cm) and is cooked over low heat. Pancakes are a classic of the American cuisine. Fluffy pancakes are perfect for a spectacular breakfast or snack. The most classic way to accompany them is with maple syrup. Maple syrup is a sweet syrup that is obtained from maple sap. In Spain we are more accustomed to using other types of sauces such as caramel or chocolate syrup. You can accompany them with honey, fresh fruit such as red fruits, strawberries or banana, nuts, dulce de leche, cream or cream cheese. There are also savoury recipes with crispy bacon, cheese, avocado and poached egg.

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