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Have you heard of Taiyaki Waffles? It is the new trend that has arrived in Spain from Japan and has become extremely popular on social media. What is Taiyaki? Here we explain everything about Taiyaki so you can become a true expert on Taiyaki Waffles!

What is Taiyaki?

To put it simply, Taiyaki is a fish-shaped waffle. Taiyaki literally means "grilled fish" in Japanese and replicates the shape of a "Tai": a Japanese seabream and "yaki" : means grilled. Traditionally Taiyakis were filled with a sweet paste of azuki red beans.

More recently, we have seen Taiyaki Waffles filled with soft ice cream and decorated with numerous fun toppings such as cookie pieces, marshmallows, fresh fruit, candies, sauces and other daring toppings.

There are also other types of fillings such as cream, Nutella, custard and even savory fillings.

How is Taiyaki made?

Taiyakis are made using a flour dough similar to a mix between pancakes and waffles. Gelato Manufacturing has created a new special pre-mix base to make Taiyaki waffles. Our mixes are very easy to use, just add water and that's all! It is the ideal formula to always obtain the same high-quality product, always the same and without the need for qualified personnel.

The Taiyaki machine is a special mold in fish form. The filling is placed on one side, then the mold is closed and cooked until it is crispy and golden. Very simple really. There are also other models with a wide mouth shape that are used to make an ice cream cone. It is believed that it originally came from Tokyo around the late 1800s and has remained relevant since then. Today, Taiyaki has grown in popularity throughout Japan and now gradually worldwide!

How do I eat it?

For the Japanese, the way you eat this waffle is very important, and they like to believe that the way you start eating your taiyaki reveals your personality. If for example you start with the head - this means that you are an optimistic but calm. If you first bite the tail, then you are a pure romantic. And finally, the person who eats side first is sensitive but friendly. How do you eat yours?

Here is everything you need to know about Taiyaki. Now you just have to try it!

Do you want to incorporate Taiyaki into your business? We have everything you need to incorporate this novelty into your offer: bases to make Taiyaki, soft ice cream bases and combining with our sauces and toppings the recipes can be endless. We also have the necessary machinery to make Taiyakis.

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