Noticia Detalle

From the traditional production techniques that we have explained in the blog post "how to make artisan ice cream", other methods of modern artisan ice cream production have seen the light, thanks to the considerable advances of the machinery industry.  We will talk in this post about pasto-freezing and soft ice cream.

Both methods allow to shorten or eliminate part of the processes of elaboration of traditional methods.

Pasto-freezing for example, does not require a specific mixing, but all the ingredients of the ice cream are placed together in the machine (previously mixed and beaten with the help of a blender); it considerably shortens the pasteurization and freezing times, and eliminates the maturation process.

Soft ice cream, meanwhile, eliminates the steps of freezing, which does not occur, and conservation, because it is done within the machine itself.  Over the past year, Soft Ice Cream, also called American ice cream, has become very popular. Soft ice cream is obtained from a particularly balanced mixture or base, very dense because it is rich in fat and milk protein. The product is known by this name since it uses a specific machine, ¨a Soft Machine¨.

The Soft machine is an instant gravity blender or equipped with a pressurization pump. This production method considerably shortens the pasteurization and chilling process and eliminates the maturation phase. From the point of view of productivity, air content (overrun) increases considerably.

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