How to open an Ice Cream Shop

How to open an Ice Cream Shop

Noticia Detalle

Ice cream is the world's favorite dessert and opening an ice cream shop is now easier than ever, you just have to know the business well and analyze the pros and cons. Here we give you some useful tips to set up your own successful ice cream shop.


Establishing a good location for an ice cream shop is crucial to attract customers. The best ice cream shops you can find easily, you do not have to go looking for them. The ideal location to open an ice cream shop is to choose a place where there is high concentration of people such as city centers, shopping malls or on the beachfront.


To make your ice cream shop a success, you must make a budget for the entire structure and machinery of the establishment. That list should include show cases, cabinets, freezers, blenders and kitchen utensils. If you are going to make your ice cream on site, you will also need a small workshop with a batch freezer (ice cream machine), blast chiller and freezer.   Also include on your list tables, chairs and a service counter, as well as all the decoration of the ice cream shop, with which you must create a pleasant atmosphere, even if the space is small. The initial investment to start up an ice cream shop, depends on the size of the premises, but generally the inversion can be between 50,000 - 100,000 euros. 


You need to decide if you will make the ice cream onsite or if you will buy it from a supplier. Defining this is essential to plan for the space, investment and staff needed for the shop. To begin, you have several possibilities. You can invest in gourmet, healthy or artisanal ice creams. It is also advised to offer complimentary products such as milkshakes, waffles, crepes, coffees and desserts. Try to find a unique selling point for your ice cream shop, in order to offer something new to consumers.


To increase the chances of success of your ice cream shop, invest in the quality of the ice cream and in customer service.  Find quality suppliers and ensure that these products are maintained with the same characteristics within your premises. Choose high quality machinery so that the ice cream is maintained at the right temperature, and their flavours in optimum condition.


After defining all the preceding points, it is time to place everything on paper to prepare a business plan, a document that must contain all the details of what your company will be to analyze if the project is viable.

If you prefer to count on someone expert with extensive experience in the business, you can choose the Franchise option. Highly recommended if you do not have any experience in hospitality industry.  Apart from advising you in the selection process of the premises, they will accompany you in the start-up of the business and will help you to minimize the risks of this investment. Our favorite option is ... 

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