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Soft Ice Cream also known as Soft serve, is a type of ice cream, much softer and more appetizing, easily served through a soft ice cream machine.

This ice cream product allows you to serve fully customized ice creams. Combining soft ice cream flavors such as yogurt, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry with different bases and toppings such as fresh fruits, cereals, chocolate pieces, cookies, syrups etc.

The consumption of soft ice cream is growing strongly in Spain and the rest of Europe. Soft ice creams are not a fad: they are here to stay! Many of the ice cream parlors and coffee shops that have incorporated this type of product into their offer, have found it to be a very successful product during the spring and summer season as well as all year round.

Soft ice cream was invented by a chemical research team in England, who discovered a method by doubling the amount of air in the ice cream. This allows manufacturers to use fewer real ingredients, reducing costs.

Soft ice cream usually has a lower fat content (3 to 6%) than normal ice cream (10 to 18%) and occurs at a temperature of about -4 ° C, while normal ice cream is stored at -15 ° C . Soft ice cream contains air, introduced at the time of freezing. The air content can vary from 0 to 60% of the total volume of the final product.

All ice cream, including soft ice cream, should be frozen quickly to avoid crystallization. With soft ice cream, this is achieved thanks to a special machine at the point of sale. The premixed product is introduced into the storage chamber of the machine, where it is maintained at + 3 ° C. When the product is served, the fresh mixture is combined with the desired amount of air by gravity or with the help of a pump. Then it beats and freezes quickly, stored until needed.

Gelato Manufacturing has created a new line of premium quality powder products to make soft ice cream. Our bases will allow you, easily and quickly, to obtain an excellent soft serve ice cream. You only need to add milk and that's it! Available in Yogurt, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.

At Gelato Manufacturing we can adapt to your needs. We are manufacturers and we have a very experienced team that can develop soft ice cream bases to your liking, personalizing flavors and textures. We use the best ingredients to achieve excellent products.

Would you like to introduce soft serve ice cream to your business? Discover our range of soft ice cream bases and other ice cream products for ice cream shops, coffee shops, restaurants, food trucks etc..

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