Our inspiration was born in Italy, we rely on the traditional methods of preparing GELATO. We have adapted it and perfected it with our 'savoir faire' and by adding the best ingredients, we can offer unique products that make us stand out.

We innovate, day by day, looking for the perfect formula for our clients to fall in love with our GELATO.


We use the best technology to maintain the authentic taste of artisan gelato. Our secret is in the quality and care with which we manufacture, in our onsite facilities.

We produce daily with the best selected ingredients. We manufacture in the traditional, artisanal way, following the processes that we have learnt from the best gelateris in Italy.


We select only the highest-quality natural ingredients.

We pay special attention to reduce the amount of sugar and fats in our gelato, whilst maintaining the authentic taste.

We have numerous flavors of ice creams and sorbets including a vegan and reduced sugar line. The professional formats that we have available for ice cream shops and restaurants are: 2'5 and 5'5 liters. If you are interested in our artisan ice cream, please contact customer services.